The Holy Scripture and Catholic Teaching

There is More to the Scripture

It turns out my brother had been listening to Bible discussions led by Dr. Hank Lindstrom, pastor of the local Calvary Community Church, a seemingly very devoted man who hosted radio and television programs and who made it his mission to teach the Gospel. There was no doubt that Dr. Lindstrom had spent many, many years immersing himself in the Holy Scripture, that much was clear. While his views on the Word of God may have differed in some ways from what the Catholic Church had taught me, in other ways they were somewhat similar.

To be clear, Dr. Lindstrom was not the same man I had seen on TV before.

“Who is this Dr. Lindstrom, anyway?” I wondered. “He seems well-meaning,” I thought, “but maybe this Lindstrom is wrong about some of the things he’s telling my brother and others about Holy Scripture. How does my brother know that Dr. Lindstrom is right? How does anyone know that the person telling them about the Word of God is not leading them astray?”

The truth — the proof — can be found only one place: in the Word of God.

We are not to just trust anyone who claims to teach the word of God. We are to test them and what they teach against the Truth of Scripture. Many will come pursuing their own appetites and with flattering and smooth speech to deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting. We are to study and understand scripture ourselves and use it as a constant measure to discern who is a false teacher who claims to come in the name of Jesus.

My brother truly loved me and cared about me and wanted me to have the Gift of Eternal Salvation. Initially, I took my brother’s efforts to get me to consider an alternative to Catholicism as simply well-meaning but misguided advice. Over time, as my brother became more insistent on me putting aside some of what I was taught by the Catholic Church, I began to become concerned that he was actively attacking my faith. I know my brother was sincerely trying to help me, but I only saw him as trying to tear me away from the “one true church”, the church that I had been taught was founded by Christ Himself.

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