Taking the Catholic Oath

My Internal Struggle

We were told that if we chose not to take the oath, we could not remain in our roles as teachers within the Catholic Church. I felt strongly that I wanted to help spread the word of God, and I felt like I could eventually reconcile my concerns about the Bible being excluded as an approved teaching tool by the Solemn Oath of Fidelity, so I signed it. I announced that oath before the whole congregation, but in my heart I knew that without the Bible as an integral part of my teaching, I didn’t agree to it.

This was my internal struggle.

Affirming that oath without agreeing to it due to my reservations started a pain inside me. That pain caused me to begin to begin explore, through the Holy Scriptures, the potential difference between Christian and Catholic. I opened my mind to the possibility that there may be a difference between Catholic and Christian and suddenly I knew that the only place I could find the answer to this nagging doubt was in the Holy Scripture itself.

But I still needed a push.

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