My Eyes were Finally Opened

I Faced an Important Decision

I had to make an important choice: I could believe in the teachings of my church, the traditions and practices it promoted that were mixed in with the selected portions of Holy Scripture the Catholic Church told me to focus exclusively on, or I could trust in Christ alone. I read Matthew 15 again and again. If the Catholic Church was one hundred percent correct in everything it said or did, then certainly the former would not be harmful. But what if the Catholic Church was… wrong? About anything it taught us?

If I accepted that Roman Catholicism was wrong, at least sometimes, how would I know which issues the Catholic Church was correct on and which it was not? Simple logic would dictate: if the Catholic Church was in any way incorrect about Scripture, or if the Catholic Church was teaching anything that contradicts Holy Scripture, then there is absolutely no way that the Catholic Church could truly be the Church of Christ. It would be simply impossible.

I had already learned that having the trees in the church and on the altar was contrary to the Scripture. And. importantly, it was now very clear that Christ Himself has told us that tradition is subject to the Word of God, not equal to it. The catholic church insists that tradition and Scripture are equal. Dr. Lindstrom’s CD had set me on a path to find out for myself, through detailed references in the Holy Scripture, that my Salvation is NOT something that I can lose as I had been taught by the Catholic Church. So, what if the church was wrong about other things?

Where should I place my trust? In the Catholic Church or in Jesus Christ Himself?

The church of Rome is run by humans who have flaws and can make mistakes. The history of mistakes in the Catholic Church is a long one, as most may already be aware. More and more stories are emerging of widespread abuse and cover-ups by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church had proven itself wrong, so many times. Yet I had ignored these truths. So I finally knew then, absolutely KNEW for certain that Jesus Christ cannot make a mistake when it comes to God, while the church run by men c could and did.

I couldn’t entrust my Eternal Life to a church run by men, a flawed church, flawed teachings, complete falsehoods and mandatory traditions that oppose the Word of God, I had to turn to the Holy Scripture for guidance. I had to trust fully, completely, totally, and only in Jesus Christ.

It was then that I Trusted in Christ Alone and not in the teachings of men. I told Jesus Christ that I was willing to put aside the traditions of my “church” and subject myself solely to the Word of God. I told Jesus Christ that I Trusted completely and only in Him for my Eternal Life.

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