God’s Plan for Eternal Salvation

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The Most Powerful Message I’d Ever Heard

Then my brother gave me a CD called “How Permanent is Your Salvation?” and he asked me to listen to it. Actually, “asked” may be too mild a word, as I’m pretty sure he almost begged me to listen to it. I laid it aside and didn’t think too much about it for a while, until one day as I was leaving for work, I decided to pick up that CD and bring it with me. As I pulled out of my driveway, I put the CD in and started to listen.

The speaker on that CD was Dr. Hank Lindstrom, and the strength and conviction in his voice engaged me. I found myself at the end of my 20-minute drive to the office, but I craved more information from this incredible CD. I took it out of the player and brought it inside with me, and listened to the rest of it as I worked.

When the CD was finished, I wanted so badly to hear it again that I re-played it later that afternoon. When I left for the day I brought it with me to the car again, and listened to this incredible disk as I drove home to my family.

That simple message changed my life forever.

Let me be completely clear: Dr. Lindstrom didn’t convince me that his information about the Holy Scripture was correct. In fact, I didn’t take his word for anything. I put everything he said the test. I went directly to the Bible and researched the Word for myself. And that’s what I urge you to do as well. Dr. Lindstrom’s message inspired me to seek the truth of God’s Word, and I hope that this Web site will inspire you to do the same.

That was the incredible power of the message, and of Dr. Lindstrom’s CD: he showed me exactly how simple God’s plan for Eternal Salvation is. It wasn’t Dr. Lindstrom’s words that created the impact for me, it was the Word of God. Dr. Lindstrom simply presented those Words to me in a way that it hadn’t been in the past, and he encouraged me to find out for myself rather than believe anything that any person told me.

Before you continue to the end of my story, I would encourage you to listen to Dr. Lindstrom’s inspiring talk here:

A very powerful and life-changing message!

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