God’s Gift Has Filled My Life with Joy

A Tough Conversation Was Necessary

Even though I felt tremendous joy at my new-found salvation, I was worried about what reaction my mother would have to the news. After all, though I’d been a Catholic for over 40 years, she’d been a Catholic for more than 60. I would have to tell her that I was essentially rejecting the religion that she had instilled in me since birth.

That weekend I decided to sit down and and break the news to her. I mustered up all the courage I had and told her that I had something very important I needed to discuss. The only thing I could think to say to her was…

“I don’t think I can be Catholic any longer”.

She asked how I came to make such an important decision, and I told her that since my eyes had been opened to the truth, I could no longer accept everything the Catholic Church was teaching me. I told my mother that I had begun to read the Scriptures more deeply and with greater understanding than ever before, completely unfiltered by the influences of any organized religion, and suddenly my heart was finally filled with the love of God and my mind was now open to the truth of Eternal Salvation. I told her that I had come to learn that many of the things we were taught and many of the things that we did as Catholics were contrary to the Word of God.

Then there was silence.

I was prepared for the worst, but her reaction surprised me. She told me that she had also been reading the Bible and re-assessing her spiritual life. She herself had started to doubt the teachings of the Catholic Church and many of the practices and behaviors she undertook as a Catholic. Her eyes were also now opened to the truth, and together we knew it was time to part ways with Catholicism.

Is What I’m Saying Making Sense to YOU?

Look, I know I’ve given you a lot to read, and a lot to think about. But if what I’m saying to you makes any sense at all right now, then I urge you to pick up your Bible and read the Holy Scriptures for yourself. I urge you to test what you’ve been taught. I ask you to read God’s Word with an open mind and open heart, ask our Lord to send the Holy Spirit to guide you, and to pray to our Heavenly Father to put you on the right path.

These things I pray in the most Holy name of God’s Son Jesus Christ.