Answering the Question of Catholicism and Christianity

I Had to Find the Answers for Myself

Somehow, his “answer” left me with even more questions. Still, at that time I trusted in the Catholic Church, my church, and I continued to rely on it and its leaders for guidance in the faith.

My Brother, The Former Catholic

My brother was a former Catholic, raised as I was by our faithful, devout Catholic parents. He served on the altar as I did, though he never aspired to any particular leadership role in the parish. Eventually, he stopped attending mass at all, and had to be nearly dragged to our church for one particular Christmas service. Over time, my brother had been making several attempts to try and sway me from my Catholic beliefs. Obviously, I had resisted as I trusted the Catholic Church for my Christian beliefs and trusted in the leaders of the Catholic Church to guide me to earning Eternal Salvation.

My brother tried again and again to lead me away from what I had been taught by the church, but I stood firm. I felt that I trusted in Christ, but I also trusted in the Catholic Church. After all, the church told me that Catholicism was established by Christ Himself.

I dismissed most of my brother’s arguments against putting my trust for Salvation in the Catholic Church. I mean, here was a man who didn’t even go to church with us any longer, yet he was trying to tell me — a certified Catholic educator — the truth about scripture? About salvation? About where I should place my trust in order to receive eternal life?


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