A Journey to Understanding Catholicism and Christianity

Understanding Christian Faith and Catholicism

Thank you for visiting this personal reference guide to understanding the teachings of the Catholic Church and one person’s journey into Trust in Christ and the power of God’s Word. Here we will explore the Holy Scripture and provide a very personal reference guide to the transformation of lives from death to Eternal Life. This is an imtimate exploration of Catholic Christian teachings that will help you gain a greater understanding of Christian faith through Scriptural reference and a historical, faithful Christian framework.

All praise, honor, and glory to God, my Father in Heaven.

If you are a practicing Catholic or someone who is interested in Catholicism, then I hope you find my story helpful. Even if you’re not Ccatholic and simply want to learn more about Eternal Salvation, I hope that you will read my message completely. As you begin reading you may feel uncomfortable or be tempted to leave this site, and believe me, I understand that feeling. At one time in my life if I had visited a site like this one, I would have felt exactly the same way. Instead, I ask you to trust that the Lord has brought you here for a reason, and please take just a few minutes to read how God has led me to His One True Church.

I have created this Web site out of love for my Father in Heaven, and love for His children here on Earth. I was guided by the Holy Spirit in developing this message and it was written to help spread the Truth of God’s Word. There is nothing here designed to hurt you in any way because what I share with you is my true story, the story of my Salvation through the Grace of God.

Most of all, I tell you this: if you doubt anything that I speak of here in regard to Holy Scripture and the Gospel, then please, DO NOT take my word for anything! I am but a mere human being who is flawed. God and His Word, however, are perfect. Instead of taking my word for anything related to the Gospel — in fact, instead of taking ANY human being’s word — I encourage you to sit down and read the Holy Scriptures for yourself, for His Word contains the Truth about His plan for eternal salvation.

I was raised a Catholic, and I knew without a doubt I was going to heaven.

This is where my journey begins…

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